15 July 2024,   00:22
"Georgian Wrestling Federation" and Financial Violations - Audit publishes scandalous conclusion

State Audit Office publishes scandalous conclusion. The main controlling body challenges the legality of spending 22 300 GEL transferred to the Wrestling Federation.
In December 2016, a grant received from the Ministry of Sport, which was to be spent on mobile phones for the winner of the federation quiz contest.
According to the audit conclusion, in 2016 Wrestling Federation distributed the mobile phones for the winners of the competition, however, did not conduct the quiz.
According to the State Audit Office, 28 987 GEL out of 32 338 GEL, allocated for the transportation costs of wrestling tournaments held in municipalities in 2016-2017, was issued for the son of the President of Wrestling Federation of Georgia.

According to the audit report, it is unclear what were methods or parameters of distribution of finances according to the regions.

"According to the bank account statements, 32 338 GEL was allocated for wrestling tournaments held in municipalities on the basis of contracts signed with various physical persons in 2016-2017. 28 987 GEL out of this was allocated for the president’s close relative (son).
Costs of tournaments varies according to regions and ranges from 200 to 900 GEL”, the agency reports.
The president of the Georgian Wrestling Federation responded to the auditor"s report in Courier and called the allegations "false."
Gela Beruashvili mentioned the conclusion as unscrupulous. He is going to challenge the audit conclusion.