14 July 2024,   23:20
"National Movement" leaves Judicial Reform working group meeting

The "National Movement" has left the working group meeting, where the judges" selection criteria are being discussed. Party member Tinatin Bokuchava told reporters about it. According to her, the composition of the working group is unacceptable for the "National Movement".
According to Tinatin Bokuchava, important initiatives have been made at the meeting regarding the format and if they are not considered, she does not see any sense in participating in the meeting.
"The current composition of the group is totally unacceptable for us… We have raised very important initiatives regarding the format today, if these [initiatives] are not shared we do not see advisability of participating in it. It’s important to talk not with “cumulative” Murusidze, but with all those people, who have been working for years to achieve justice. We have proposed it to Irakli Kobakhidze, but our opinion was not shared, therefore, we will not participate in this meeting,” Bokuchava said.
The first Judicial Reform working group meeting is being held today to discuss the judges" selection criteria. The meeting is being held against the background of civil protest.