14 July 2024,   23:45
Dolidze and Janezashvili leave Judicial Reform Working Group meeting in protest

Non-judicial members of the High Council of Justice have left the Judicial Reform Working Group meeting in protest. Ana Dolidze and Nazi Janezashvili commented to the media and noted that until the format does not change, they can not see the sense of participation in the meetings.
According to Ana Dolidze, the meeting where the judges" selection criteria are discussed will not bring a result. She believes that the format is completely illegitimate.
"When a procedure is developed that will protect our voice, we will have the opportunity to express our opinion and this will be considered and will become known to the public and parliament, then I will be ready to take part in this group. Until then, it is wasting of time our time and the attempts to give a democratic flavor to this process, "said Anna Dolidze.
Nazi Janezashvili also has complaints with the working group.
"They brought people that were in the list, including Judge Kadagidze, Tsiskadze, Judge Alania and others. It is unacceptable to me to discuss the criteria and procedures with them in Parliament. It is clear for me that they have personal interest to get into the list again, "- Nazi Janezashvili said.
The meeting of the working group discussing criteria for selection of judges has been left by Tinatin Bokuchava, member of "National Movement".
The working group meeting is being held where the criteria for selection of judges are being discussed. The meeting is being held against the background of civil protest.