15 July 2024,   00:11
"We can not announce the decision s today" - working meeting ended without results

The first meeting of the Judicial Reform Working Group has been completed. A 6-hour discussion ended without concrete results. The parties discussed criteria for selection of judges.
As the Chairman of the Parliament stated after the meeting, today"s discussion did not mean making a concrete decision and at the next meeting it will be possible to consider all the projects in detail.
Today"s meeting was proceeding on the background of noise.
Tinatin Bokuchava, representative of "European Georgia" Otar Kakhidze and non-judge members of the Council of Justice, Anna Dolidze and Nazi Janezashvili have left the session.
Irakli Kobakhidze responded to their departure in protest.
"As for the two non-judge members and the representatives of the opposition, they wanted to change the composition. We have fixed the position in this regard, we are ready for consultation. I would like to suggest that NGOs should participate in the work, but they boycotted the meeting, "said Irakli Kobakhidze.
The members of the ruling team say that judges should be selected based on the great trust of the society.