23 July 2024,   18:21
I will ask Beselia, what she meant ,"- Kobakhidze on scandalous recordings

" I will personally ask Eka Beselia what he meant," - The Chairman of the Parliament responds o Eka Beselia"s scandalous letter, where the MP has publicly declared war to her teammates.

The MP states that a campaign against her, including the video footage showing her personal life is orchestrated from Georgian Dream .

Irakli Kobakhidze demands explanations from Beselia. According to the Chairman, if the MP has a suspect, she should name him/her.

" We have to ask what I meant, and of course, if Eka Beselia has some concrete doubts we have to react,"- Irakli Kobakhidze says.

As for Davit Chichinadze"s statement, where he has accused the Chairman of the Parliament of spreading recording of the personal life of Eka Beselia, Kobakhidze does not respond to Chichinadze"s accusation and says that he is not a member of the team.