23 July 2024,   18:04
Khidasheli on the spread of secret recordings of personal life

A question of whether the Georgian Dream is behind the campaign against Eka Beselia becomes more and more actual.

Tina Khidasheli speaks about the dirty campaign carried out by "Georgian Dream". The Former Defense Minister and former member of t "Georgian Dream" says that war with secret recordings is a primitive campaign of the government in the fight against opponents.

However, Tina Khidasheli focuses on the past years and says that Eka Beselia has never been against such methods.

"Sadly, this government was unprecedentedly unimaginable primitive and dirty in their fight against their opponents. And I think that"s a very simple reason. When you do not have any intellect, no honesty, no professionalism, no qualification then you become such a primitive. These are all old stories starting from Murusidze. Eka Beselia never had any problem regarding it all. I do not remember her public or private solidarity, "Tina Khidashvili said.