18 July 2024,   05:59
"Those who protest against the construction of hydropower plants are summoned to police," - EMC

The population of Pankisi accuses police of terrorism. According to EMC, police uses its control for restricting freedom of expression in Pankisi.
The Director of "Human Rights Education and Monitoring Center" states that she does not understand why the Ministry of Internal Affairsinterfares with the construction of HPPs, when it is not its function.

Tamta Mikeladze says that the Ministry decided to be a mediator between people and the state in this issue, which is unacceptable.

"Those activists who resist and protest over the construction of HPPs are summoned to the police," said Mikeladze.

According to him, the conclusions made by the state regarding the construction of the HPP in the valley have been issued so that the baseline surveys have not been conducted.