13 June 2021,   20:59
Giorgi Gakharia comments about the TBC Bank case

The Minister of Internal Affairs states that nobody will be able to escape the responsibilities. According to him, he is ready to answer Mamuka Khazaradze"s accusations from the parliamentary tribune, as well as at the Prosecutor"s Office.

The Interior Minister says that he understands the economic and security importance of Anaklia"s deep-water port .

"As Vice Prime Minister and former Minister of Economics I know very well what the Anaklia deep-water port means for the future of this country . And as the Interior Minister and the representative of law enforcement agencies, I understand very well that the Anaklia port is a critical component for our security.Generally, Anaklia"s deep-water port is the future of this country. It is very sad for me that people try to avoid their obligations and thus harm state interests with scandals and conspiracy theories, "Says Giorgi Gagaria.