28 October 2020,   03:46
Threatening letter of Minister of Internal Affairs - Japaridze, who according to Courier delivered letter to Khazaradze, has not been summoned to the investigative office

Threatening letter sent to the founder of TBC Bank, Mamuka Khazaradze - businessman Badri Japaridze has not been summoned to the investigative agency yet.
Badri Japaridze was the mediator who supposedly handed the letter to "TBC Bank" founder Mamuka Khazaradze.
The main investigative agency says that the information about persons to be questioned is not disclosed from the interests of the investigation.
As for the Minister of Internal Affairs. Giorgi Gagaria, , Tadumadze"s office is supposedly not going to summon the minister, but the Prosecutor"s Office says that in the process of investigation " all persons possessing important information" will be questioned.
According to Mamuka Khazaradze, the Minister of Internal Affairs sent a threatening letter before the second round of the presidential election and demanded to fulfill several conditions. The person who delivered the threatening letter of the Minister of Internal Affairs of Georgia was his partner Japaridze.
Japaridze is a member of the family of Khazaradze and also knows the Interior Minister who lives in the neighborhood. In view of the prosecutor"s case, it is also clear that the investigating agency is suspicious of the expertise in London.