12 May 2021,   02:12
Third Day of Strike - Social Workers impose responsibility on Prime Minister and ask for instant response to problems

The third day of the mass strike - a protest rally at the government administration recently, has been resumed.
Participants are not going to change their demands and send a special appeal to the Prime Minister.
The statement says that the PM is directly responsible for the ongoing processes as the head of the government. Social workers are asking the Prime Minister to get acquainted with their requirements and to use all the leverage to fulfill their six main requirements.The Health Minister"s explanation is unacceptable to them that most of the social workers" requirements are specified in the agency"s plan.
Social workers say that the Ministry does not have timely response to their problems.
Social workers are demanding immediate satisfaction of at least six requests from the leadership of the ministry. Otherwise, they will not return to work places. Among the demands is to increase the number of social workers, psychologists and lawyers, ensure transportation and adequate salary.