03 July 2020,   17:28
Pankisi residents speak about provocation from police

Law enforcers marked the area in Pankisi, where the clashes took place two days ago. Investigative activities will be held on the spot. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, only a part of policemen is interviewed at this stage. The local population is not questioned yet.

Locals say that they were injured and law enforcement officers were very aggressive. According to those, who were injured in a confrontation, there were young people dressed in civilian clothes on the ground, who were cursing police and behaving aggressively. Locals believe that they were policemen. They talk about provocations. One of the citizens recalled that one of the high-ranking police officers was shooting guns with rubber bullets.

Residents of Pankisi say that they will not agree to the construction of the HPP in the gorge.