03 July 2020,   17:37
"High levels of lead influences the intellectual and motor development of the child" - Doctors respond to research of UNICEF

UNICEF releases alarming research- reportedly level of lead is much higher than allowed in children"s blood.
Blood samples have been analyzed by the world"s leading laboratories. Doctors talk about possible complications.

As they say, a high level of lead in the blood affects the intellectual and motor development of children. According to them, children from 2 to 7 years are in the risk group.

The medical director of the Iashvili Children"s Central Hospital says that it is necessary to pay attention to the child"s toys. It is necessary to study the content, whether it is safe for a child"s health.

Up to 1600 children participated in the study. The blood samples were sent to Italy’s National Healthcare Institute (ISS), which is the world’s leading public health institute.