02 December 2021,   09:48
Another attack of the government on Rustavi 2 and the suit in the court - lawyers of the broadcasting company speak about political context

The Georgian Dream"s new plan against independent media- Nino Nizharadze, the owner of 9% of the broadcasting company, demanded compensation of tax debt accumulated by Rustavi 2. It is about $ 26 million in total.
Nino Nizharadze is the spouse of Gogi Gegeshidze, former director of the channel who received a share of the company after the death of her spouse.
Nika Gvaramia, general director of the broadcasting company Rustavi 2, says that behind Nizharadze is the government. He said this is another attack against a free speech.
According to Gvaramia, the main purpose of the process is to change Rustavi 2"s editorial policy. Lawyers of Rustavi 2 talk about the absurdity of the suit.
"The essence of the claim is the demand for compensation for damages, which has been drawn up by plaintiff Nino Nizharadze. More precisely, she says she wanted to sell her share and could not sell it and got damaged, adding that it is alleged that "Rustavi 2" broke away from the advertising market 10 million GEL. Nino Nizharadze does not understand why taxes were collected by "Rustavi 2". Somehow, she seems to have forgotten that the government is fighting against Rustavi 2 and this is due to the seizure imposed by Umtmelidze, "said Tamta Muradashvili.
Despite the fact that the do not have trust of the Georgian court , the broadcasting company lawyers plan to submit solid evidence to the court. According to their assessment, this is not a legal but a political dispute.