11 July 2020,   21:00
Attack on "Rustavi 2" - Nizharadze agrees to arbitration dispute but on her own terms

Tea Tsulukiani suddenly became a defender of "Rustavi 2". The Minister of Justice has warned and reminded all regarding the decision of the Strasbourg court, according to which no legal changes can be made around the broadcasting company. This statement was made by the Minister, first of all, with regard to the founder of the company Nino Nizharadze, whose representative was suddenly ready to discuss the dispute with the arbitration court, but still with reservations and terms. The party, which has claims over 28 million, does not want to cover expanses for international arbitration court.
Nizharadze"s lawyer says they are ready to pay only the Georgian arbitration fee. If Rustavi 2 owners and the director prefer the arbitration court of any other country such as in London or Europe, they refuse to pay the money. Including partially.
The lawyer of Rustavi 2 considers that Nijaradze"s proposal is a barrier to leave the case in the city court. Tamta Muradashvili says that in case of agreement, fair arbitrators could be selected in Georgia as well. However, it is unclear why Nizharadze asks the company in the financial crisis, to undertake additional charges for her dispute.A new dispute against "Rustavi 2"has been in the center of the public attention for the third day. Lawyers claim that the suit has no legal constituent and the government is trying to change the editorial policy of independent media.