11 July 2020,   21:05
Threat of destruction and evacuation - land collapse at building under construction damaged residential buildings The land collapse near the building under

Gonstruction has damaged nearby buildings. Residents of the residential buildings in the adjacent areas have been evacuated due to accident.
Land collapsed in Guramishvili"s 41 room at 2 pm.
The base of the buildings constructed in the Soviet period was supposedly damaged by new construction, so that 36 families were evacuated from the nine-storey building.
The population has protested the construction of the building, which damaged nearby houses for months. They applied to the City Hall several times demanding to stop the construction of the building but the mayor gave permission for building to the partnership "Strong House".
Land digging started at Guramishvili 41 a month ago. The locals say that heavy equipment damaged a protective concrete belt that led to the collapse of the land mass.According to the document prepared by geologists of the National Environmental Agency, the partnership carried out the construction with violations. Based on the conclusion, the City Inspection Service temporarily suspended construction. The works will be updated from today.The population is against continuing construction. The construction company says that all the permits have been obtained legally, and the collapse of the land was not caused by their mistake . The partnership "Strong House" plans to build a 10-storey building.