26 January 2021,   07:18
Rallies and arrests in Vake Park - Pro-Russian forces and anti-occupation movement confront each other

May 9 in Tbilisi has become the cause of activation of the pro-Russian forces and confrontations. Georgian supporters of the Russian propaganda organization started gathering at Chavchavadze Avenue from early morning and said that Russia is not an occupant and Georgia"s future is only in a union with Eurasian Union.The members of the "Immortal Regiment" continued marching under the supervision of law enforcers in the direction of the unknown soldier"s memorial. Activists of anti-occupation organizations met of the pro-Russian movement in Vake Park with shouts. Several rallies were held in Vake Park against Russian supporters simultaneously.Civic activists came at the memorial of unknown soldier with photos of Giorgi Antsukhelidze, the hero tortured to death during the Russian aggression, and once again declared that Georgia"s choice is NATO.Several confrontations occurred in Vake Park and Chavchavadze Avenue.
The situation escalated with at the unknown soldier"s memorial, where Russian diplomats were reminded by the Anti-Occupational Movement members about Russian occupation .The incident occurred in Vake Park after the arrival of the president of the country, Salome Zourabichvili. The "traitor" - by this shouting, the anti-occupation movement activists met with president.During the confrontation, the police arrested four persons for minor hooliganism, including members of the anti-occupation movement. .Among the detainees were the supporters of Putin, who came to Vake Park with Soviet symbols prohibited by the law.