29 May 2022,   09:45
Noise at Marneuli Polling Station - confrontation followed protest of opposition representative against presence of MP in the precinct

Physical confrontation and noise in Marneuli-Sadakhlo- it became necessary to call police to one of the polling stations. The reason for the quarrel was the remark of one of the representatives of "European Georgia", who demanded the Georgian Dream"s MP to explain why he was in the polling station where he did not vote. An opposition member"s question was followed by irritation of the MP.
Representatives of "European Georgia" were interrogated by law enforcers.
"The council member Roshan Iskandarov was here and did not vote here and I asked why he was standing and watching the voting process.When we went out he cursed me , I returned the answer. At this time he started screaming and finally hit me. This incident took place before the polling station # 31of Sadakhlo , "Agil Mustafayev said.
As for  the process of election process in Marneuli,, serious type of violation has not been observed at this time.