04 July 2022,   03:54
Reaction on the document was inadequate - Tanuna responds to "Anaklia Consortium"

Natia Turnava, the Minister of Economy says that the Anaklia consortium was inadequate in relation to issuing a permit for the construction of Poti Port.

Turnava spoke about the scandal, linked to her agency and underlined that the permit for construction of a new deep-powered port was issued without her consent. According to the Minister, an internal investigation is ongoing.

"The document itself, as have already mentioned, was not a construction permit and the reaction from an investor is exaggerated. It damages the project of Anaklia," said Turnava.

The minister says that the document has no status and importance.

"The document, which has already been repealed, was not a construction permit, so it would not be possible to start the project and start construction, "said Mr Tanuna.