25 June 2022,   11:24
Every fifth citizen is starving - the population says that the situation is getting worse every day

The National Statistics Office has  estimated that every fifth citizen is starving in Georgia and every fifth person does not have enough food to exist. Compared to major cities, the worst picture is in regions where 23% of the population is starving.GeoStat, which calculated this data, says that the forecast is encouraging, as last year the situation was worse.
Statistics from the GeoStat differ radically from the statistics in the streets. The population lives in extreme poverty and there never has been such poverty in Georgia. In the light of lari impairment, an increase in prices, the population believes that the government has lost the sense of reality and distances from people even more.Experts also believe that GeoStat"s data does not reflect reality and in reality not every fifth, but more people are starving.