30 September 2020,   20:07
"We do not blackmail anyone, UNM threatens us,"- Levan Topuridze denies his identity and pressure on voters

Before the second round of elections, the government pressures voters in Mtatsminda district with the help of the criminal world.
As the leaders of " European Georgia" state, the government instructed criminals to mobilize voters.

Opposition names certain individuals and the election precinct where the criminal world tries to collect votes in favour of Lado Kakhadze.

According to Giga Bokeria, Levan Topiroidze, known in a criminal world as "Kapaboka" mobilizes votes in Okrokhana.

Levan Topuradze himself initially introduced himself to the " Courier" crew as his brother, but at the end of the conversation admitted his identity.

He denies that he is involved in the election process and mobilization of votes. However, he confirmed that he is fighting against the former government and is an active supporter of "Georgian Dream".

"I support the truth. Do not you know the truth? I support those, who are loved by Georgian people. I am Georgian Dream"s supporter,"- said Topuridze.