06 August 2020,   01:44
Kalandia is detained - the issue of liability of high-ranking officials of the investigative agency may arise

Following the arrest of the most scandalous figure of Khorava"s case, the liability of the high officials of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Prosecutors of the case, who have falsified the evidence of the murder of two teenagers may arise.
The detention of Mikheil Kalandia and the prosecution against him was one of the main recommendations of the Parliamentary Temporary Investigation Commission. As the Commission has established in its time, the specific law enforcement officers conducted the search with faults and thus prevented the execution of justice. Opposition names specific senior officials, including the former head of Detective Service Soso Sigua, who instead of being held responsible was entrusted by the government with the pre-election campaign in Marneuli.
The opposition speaks about the political responsibility of the ruling party, and in the "Georgian Dream" say that the situation has changed since the investigation entered the intensive phase.
The Public Defender called on the law enforcement agencies to recognize the mistakes made in the investigation on the Khorava street case.
Because a number of investigative actions were not timely conducted, many questions remained unanswered. Taking it into consideration, I think that launching an investigation into civil crimes should be included on the agenda, Public Defender of Georgia Nino Lomjaria said while commenting on the detention of Mikheil Kalandia.
The parliamentary majority changed the rhetoric after the arrest of Mikheil Kalandia, one of the key figures in Khorava Street, and talked about the possible criminal responsibility of other people. The Chairman of the Parliament did not rule out that the issue of responsibility of other high-ranking officials related to the case would be raised, but whom Irakli Kobakhidze meant he did not specify.