06 August 2020,   02:49
According to the gasoline spending, a large number of governors went around the Earth three times - reports about corruption risks

More than half a million kilometers - the movement of the regional governors and the tons of gasoline spent in vain. "Institute for Development of Freedom of Information" has counted how much the officials are moving in their official vehicles and what the state pays for their transportation. The results are not convincing. The numbers say that the heads of the regions have moved around the earth several times.
For example, the Samegrelo governor has passed 133 thousand kilometers in two years. In fact, he went around the Earth three times. Samtskhe-Javakheti governor is a little behind him, who in 2017-2018 set the record of movement by state car and crossed 126 thousand kilometers.
The NGO is convinced that this is a direct indicator of corruption. The opposition agrees with the civic sector, though the "Georgian Dream" governors are talking about high-efficiency activities.