06 August 2020,   01:59
Case of Kerzaia - City Court dismissed Bachana Shengelia"s suit

The Tbilisi City Court has dismissed Bachana Shengelia"s claim - the case concerning the political discrimination against Ia Kerzaia and the symbolic compensation for moral damage caused by her death.
Shengelia considered Judge Giorgi Gogichashvili"s decision as anti-constitutional. Here Bachana Shengelia distributes Giorgi Gogichashvili `s decision and a part of the motivation letter of Judge Tamar Okropiridze which are identical to each other. He calls on the NGO sector to get interested in the case.
"I requested a symbolic amount for moral damage, one lari for compensation, as well as determination of political discrimination against Ia Kerzaia. The court, in particular, Giorgi Gogichashvili, was absolutely anti-constitutional and in violation of any law. One judge used copy-paste in his justification, this is naturally illegal, "Sengelia says.