26 September 2020,   22:45
Crash of helicopter in Kazbegi and three victims - Source of Courier speaks about possible technical shortcoming

A helicopter crash in Kazbegi - fragments of helicopter are now bordered with yellow ribbons. Expert-criminalists work on the site. Bodies of three people , who were in the helicopter, were transported at 15:00.

The tragedy has the only eyewitness. The shepherd saw how the helicopter crashed on the ground. Rezo Pitskhelauri says that the aircraft was not burning and there was no crash.

The only version, about which the anonymous source has informed "Courier", is a possible technical flaw .

The author of the message asserts that the helicopter had problems for a few days and the flight scheduled for the morning was to test the flaw.

The helicopter owned by "Aviator Plus" left the hangar in the village of Achkhoti and was flying to "Rooms Hotel" in Kazbegi. The crash occurred near the village of Khanobi.

The company "Aviator" says that the helicopter was systematically conducting technical checks. Last tested on May 22.

Representatives of "Aviator Plus" say that the helicopter had no technical flaws.
The pilot was Iliko Baidashvili. The 27-year-old guide - Kote Satseradze and employee of Rooms Hotel- Tornike Osiashvili.