25 January 2022,   03:13
"Doing business in Georgia is unpredictable" - Opposition protests against the reduction of excise payment term

The United National Movement criticizes the government for changing excise payment regulations. The opposition claims that this decision not only creates a threat to local businesses but also hinders the entry of potential enterprises in the country.
According to Zurab Melikishvili, member of the United National Movement, if investors do not enter Georgia, jobs will be reduced, which will negatively impact Georgia"s ordinary citizens.
"The decision regarding the cancellation of the benefits is a signal for business in Georgia as well as for potential investors that doing business in Georgia is unpredictable. The final result is that the potential investor refuses to enter Georgia, which directly results in unemployment. That"s the result of these decisions, it impairs the lari, increases the prices and damages the overall condition of the Georgian citizens, "said Zurab Melikishvili.