19 January 2022,   09:20
"There are a number of issues where we need to be more cautious " - Sesiashvili speaks about "Tbilisi pride"the procession

Organizers of "Tbilisi Pride" respond to the statement of the Patriarchate. Protesters will gather at the government administration and urge the authorities not to consider the Patriarch"s demand regarding the ban on the Tbilisi Pride.
The ruling team does not have a specific answer. Irakli Sesiashvili, a lawmaker from the parliamentary majority says that the government protects the freedom of expression, he said, human rights and security should be protected, but Sesiashvili does not specifically state what position the government will have.
"I think everyone sees that freedom of expression is protected by our government, this is a high standard that we always adhere to. It is obvious that the government is listening to everyone and listening to the public, I personally listen to the Patriarch"s statement, here there are a number of issues where we have to be more cautious and it is clear that the relevant agencies will evaluate the situation, "said Irakli Sesiashvili.
Let us remind you that the Patriarchate has released a statement regarding "Tbilisi pride" today. The statement states that the lifestyle that the LGBT personnel are engaged in is Sodom and is contrary to Christian faith and the teachings of traditional religions and moral values in general.