23 January 2022,   12:44
"Levan Vasadze is obviously a Russian project" - NGO representatives demand to start investigation

Levan Vasadze"s statements are contradictory to the democratic state and constitutional principles - such assessment representatives of the non-governmental organization give to yesterday`s statements of the businessman. They say that violent partisan groups are in conflict with legal actions and it is necessary for the state to respond properly. The NGOs link the activation of Levan Vasadze to the interests of Russia.
"Levan Vasadze is an unequivocal Russian project, which is a very powerful blow to our statehood. He says that created groups will illegally imprison those persons who are gay or they believe to be gay, "said Nino Bolkvadze, justice officer of the" Equality Movement ".
Tbilisi Pride organizers are also demanding the launch of an investigation into Levan Vasadze"s statements. There is also a specific article concerning illegal formations. The statement says that there is a real danger.