07 August 2020,   14:11
We will not allow holding gay-prides in this country - Levan Chachua

The questioning of co-authors of the rally organized by Levan Vasadze and the idea to create illegal formation was underway at the Tbilisi Police Main Division till late. Their supporters, including the clergy i were gathered at the law enforcement agency.
Despite the fact that the MIA launched an investigation into setting up the illegal formation, Vasadze"s supporters say they will not allow the "Tbilisi pride" to be held.
"The questions were about as if some of us were going to form the illegal armed gangs. If the government has taken such a foolish decision as to arrest Levan Vasadze on such unreasonable charges. I would like to tell them that he will not be afraid of prison or other persecution. We will not allow holding gay-pride in this country, "said Levan Chachua, the founder of the Georgian-political movement" Georgian Idea ".
The questioning of participants of the rally organized by Levan Vasadze will continue today. Up to 30 persons are summoned to the Investigation Department.