07 August 2020,   14:18
The responsibility of the government is to protect all individuals and not to appease the majority groups - Mshvenieradze

The civil sector demands to hold "Tbilisi Pride" in a free and peaceful environment. Giorgi Mshvenieradze, the chairman of the "Democratic Initiative of Georgia", said that it is important for the liberal democracy to protect the rights of minorities that the authorities should be well aware of.
"The government should realize the role of liberal democracy in its commitment to protect all individuals, not the majority groups, and to give Tbilisi pride the opportunity to carry out the planned event," said George Mshvenieradze, chairman of the Georgian Democratic Initiative.
The deputy director of the "International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy" Elene Nizharadze speaks about the importance of investigation against Levan Vasadze and his supporters. According to her, the persons who make violent statements and create violence groups should be charged.