26 September 2020,   21:41
Early Marriage - EMC to Discuss the Problem and its Negative Results in Marneuli

Early marriage - public discussion on the problem and its negative results will be held in Marneuli. The place was symbolically chosen because the cases of early marriages are the most common in Marneuli.

The representatives of the MIA will also be involved in the event organized by the Human Rights Center. Many reasons for early marriages are named by the civil sector - the most important of them is the lack of information.
"It is very important that beyond the information campaigns that are largely focused on raising awareness, the state can change its social policy in these regions and seek the real reasons that cause these crimes and think about ways to correct them.Because this problem is very structural and difficult, it is important that all the agencies are involved and work from their own perspective to change the policy, "said Tamta Mikeladze, Director of the Equality Policy Program of Human Rights Education and Monitoring Center.