07 August 2020,   13:47
"What do you want, why are you doing this?" - a man who was shot by a police officer on the night of 20 June talks about the threat

The man, who was on the rally on Rustaveli Avenue on June 20, said he saw the policeman shot at him. Giorgi Popkhadze has been hit with 7 bullets.
According to Popkhadze, he was warned not to act and not to go to rallies. In particular, he does not know who is threatening him. Despite this, he says he is not going to keep silent and will continue to take part in rallies.
"I was protesting and I saw a policeman who aiming at me. I got 7 bullets in total. The pressure is not direct, it"s probably their method - what do you want, why are you doing this?. implanted messages , "said the victim Giorgi Popkhadze.
He has already addressed the Center "Empathy" for help. The NGO will file a complaint for the inhumane treatment at the Prosecutor"s Office.