18 August 2022,   11:19
Beaten and thrown from the roof rally participant - footage of 20 June Punitive operation

The brutal continuation of Gavrilov`s bloody night. Officers of
Gakharia`s agency hunted the peaceful protesters, who left the streets of Rustaveli Avenue to avoid bullets, in the streets of the city. The video footage, provided by the eyewitness to the Courier shows how about 10 people, including one in a police uniform, are ruthlessly beating a young protester and then throw him off the roof of the garage. The footage is shot on Nikoladze Street in the morning of June 21. The footage also shows that the young man is physically assaulted after being thrown down from the roof. Eyewitnesses say that law enforcers started punitive operations in the streets and yards. Most eyewitnesses are avoiding talking about it in front of cameras. People who saw what was happening on the Pikris Gora are afraid of police revenge.
The Ministry of Internal Affairs has only made a statement regarding the footage taken by the locals. In the official explanation, the fact that the young garage was dropped from the roof, is described as the transfer of the detainee to policemen standing below the garage roof. There is nothing at all about the beating.