18 August 2022,   11:46
Discrediting of the demonstration at Parliament is underway through sponsored pages - ISFED

Non-governmental organization "Fair Elections" speaks about the campaign aimed to discriminate the rally held at the parliament. The NGO has spread a statement.
Representatives of the civil sector say that the sponsored campaign aimed to discredit the protest rallies after the events of June 20-21" is actively underway on Facebook.
"Facebook" pages that were active against the opposition candidates and parties during the 2018 presidential election are involved in this campaign.
Newly created pages are also used for the discrediting campaign. The discrediting campaign was conducted on false media pages. One of these is the "news page" whose relationship with the ruling party has already been revealed by the "Fair Elections".

According to the statement of the organization, during the period of February 20-26, 2014 this page acted under the title "Self-Government Elections / Georgian Dream" and "Georgian Dream" - "Self-Governmental Elections".
"In all cases, the campaign has a sponsored character," says the statement of Fair Elections.