20 August 2022,   05:38
13th day of protest - with the demand of resignation of the Minister of Internal Affairs, the rally will be resumed at 19:00

Protest rallies continue in Tbilisi and other cities of Georgia. Protesters will meet at the legislative body today, traditionally at 19:00.
The request is unchanged - resignation of the Minister of Internal Affairs. According to the participants of the protest, they will not stop the protest until their request is satisfied.
According to them, they will try to deliver their voice to the government in various forms. They are also announcing some activities
"At 7 o"clock we meet again and continue our protest. The Minister of Internal Affairs, who can not find out who ordered a raid, who cannot find out where the forbidden bullets are from - we can not get answers to these questions for the 12th day, so he has to resign, "- says one of the protest rallies organizers, Misha Mshvildadze.