12 August 2022,   15:38
The 14th day of rally - Rustaveli Avenue is still an epicenter of protest rallies

The Rustaveli Avenue is still an epicenter of protest. Citizens are gathering in order to voice their demands once again. Today is the 14th day and demands remain unchanged - a resignation of Giorgi Gakharia, the Interior Minister. The organizers of the rally say that any citizen can voice their opinions from the tribune in front of the Parliament. According to Tatusha Arveladze, demonstrations will continue until Giorgi Gakharia resigns.

" A mass protest will be held tomorrow. Georgian musicians join the protest unite under the anti-occupation message. Musicians against occupation - this will be the main message of tomorrow"s concert. This will continue until the government does not satisfy the requirement of a majority of citizens, "said Tatusha Arveladze. Organizers of the rally say that a mass rally will be held tomorrow and Georgian musicians will join it. According to Giga Makarashvili, a march will be held on Saturday.

" We can say on the 14th day, that we will have march on Saturdays,"- Giga Makarashvili said.