07 February 2023,   09:35
Founder of Nika Rurua fund visited a large family living in the occupation line "Believe in Georgia"

Founder of Nika Rurua Charity Foundation and the doctor of Frankfurt University Goethe University visited the village of Nikozi near the occupation line. They handed to the Eliashvili family the books of Nika Rurua and a notebook.
According to the founder of the foundation, in case of need, the organization will continue to assist the citizens living in the occupation line.
"It is very important that the villages located on the occupation line, especially the young people are equipped with personal computers because they will get an education and it will be a very big step forward for building our state and fighting against propaganda. These people will be involved in communication with various regions, "said Ana Charkhalashvili, the founder of Nika Rurua Charity Foundation
" Believe in Georgia ".