06 October 2022,   21:18
Red-dressed Vazha Pshavela"s bust and statement to the President of the Council of Europe - Anti-occupation rally in Batumi

In Batumi, Vazha Pshavela"s busts" eyes were red-dressed. With this form, the protest was expressed by the part of the citizens who have been holding the anti-occupation rally for 22 days.
The eyes of Vazha Pshavelas" bust were red-dressed after the president of the Council of Europe on the 10th anniversary of the Eastern Partnership cited Vazha Pshavela in his speech. They also addressed Donald Tusk and said that the Georgian government does not have the intention to follow the European Path.
"Mr Tusk,
- The Government of Georgia does not follow the European path
- For more than three weeks, the government is neglecting citizens" fair demand about the resignation of the Minister of Internal Affairs!
- Government shoots rubber bullets to the peaceful demonstrators, mutilates young people and changes their lives forever!
- The Georgian government has nothing common with Vazha Pshavela, Shota Rustaveli and other Georgian, Polish, French and German writers!
- The Georgian government does not understand its citizens!
It is easy, Gakharia must resign!" - Said the organizers of the demonstration.