14 August 2022,   08:26
"Of course I condemn speeches of Gvaramia and Gabunia,"- Ivanishvili responds to Ivanishvili"s demand

Bidzina Ivanishvili responds to Sergey Lavrov"s statement, where he demands punishment of Rustavi 2 in exchange of restoration of flights between Georgia and Russia. Ivanishvili openly declares that Russia"s demand is legitimate and "Rustavi 2""s behaviour should be condemned.

Bidzina Ivanishvili accuses United National Movement of attempting to halt Georgia"s development but underlines that Georgian Dream does its best for Georgia.

"Of course what happened in" Rustavi 2 "is a shame, this is a shame to the country. This is a shame for our culture. Such a swearing that we have heard from your television, of course, is the subject of a judgment of the whole society. This is a disgrace for our culture, Georgians, our identity, which made by a director of your television and his journalist. Of course, he deserves it. It is good that despite efforts of United National Movement to stop tourism in Georgia, destroy the economy, stop the trade, nevertheless, we are doing everything for Georgia to develop. I condemn, of course, speeches of Gvaramia and Gabunia"s , "Ivanishvili said.