12 August 2022,   10:02
I do not see from this statement that there are guarantees for intep[endence of editorial policy - Mikheil Benidze speaks about Khalvashi"s statement

Mikheil Benidz, the Executive director of the International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy responds to the statement of Rustavi 2"s owner Kibar Khalvashi, who openly opposes the team.

Mikheil Benidze says that it is not unexpected that Kibar Khalvashi does not like the editorial policy. Benidze also says that the current statement contradicts statements made by the Director-General of the broadcasting company, Paata Salia, who assert that the editorial policy will not be affected.

"It"s not a surprise that he does not like the editorial policy, because he did not like it before and now the TV is very critical of him, so of course he does not like it somewhat, "he said.