14 August 2022,   06:46
"We consider that change of editorial policy of the "Rustavi 2" is a violation of free speech" - Davit Dvali

The case of "Rustavi 2" - the founders of the TV company Davit Dvali and Jarji Akimidze are attending the meeting in the legislative body. The meeting is underway in an open format and it is attended by MPs from the "Georgian Dream" and members of the opposition. Deputies are interested in processes in "Rustavi 2" since 2012.
David Dvali drew attention to the importance of free speech and noted that the change of editorial policy of the "Rustavi 2" is inadmissible. "We consider that change of editorial policy of "Rustavi 2" is a violation of free speech. This is an extremely critical television that needs air, it is very important to maintain the free speech in the country. "Rustavi 2" flagship of the process," - Dvali said.
The founders of "Rustavi 2" don"t exclude meetings and negotiations with Kibar Khalvashi but they emphasize that they have a red line which can not be crossed.
Jarji Akimidze also noted that if theoretically there is any legal chance that the founders can get "Rustavi 2" back, they will use this opportunity.
"If we are still theoretically able to get "Rustavi 2" back, we will definitely use those opportunities," - Akimidze said.
The founders of the TV company have clearly stated that they do not want to receive the television as a gift because they believe that this television is their property.
"We want to stress one thing, we do not want "Rustavi 2" as a gift because we categorically think that this is our television.The silence of the government for 7 years is totally unbearable and ridiculous," - Dvali said.