12 August 2022,   16:27
Judge Candidates of the Supreme Court - Former Assistant of Mikheil Chinchaladze in one of the candidate

The Council of Justice continues to interview the judges of the Supreme Court. Members of the council will hear the judges today, Merab Lomidze and Genadi Makaridze.
Interview with Lomidze is in process for already two hours. The Council members asked several questions on social groups, disabled persons and LGBT community.
Nazi Janezashvili, the non-judge member of the Supreme Council of Justice, discussed the issue of political prisoners. Janezashvili was interested in the definition of the candidate of political prisoner.
In response to this, Merab Lomidze noted that a person detained on political grounds is considered a political prisoner.
"The legal term is not a political prisoner I have never seen and have not heard of it," - Lomidze said.
Merab Lomidze was the assistant of Mikheil Chinchaladze in 2007 and Janezashvili was interested in this period of time.