05 October 2022,   06:30
Restrictive laws before 2012 - Supreme Court Judge candidate Nikoloz Marsagishvili

Interviews with Supreme Court Judge candidates are continuing at the High Council of Justice. Nikoloz Marsagishvili is answering the questions of the board members at this moment.
There were debates due to the question of Nazi Janezashvili. She wondered how the judiciary would evaluate the system before and after 2012. Nikoloz Marsagishvili did not answer, but noted that until 2012, the laws were restrictive.
“The independence of the Judicial power means institutional independence, as well as the independence of all judges that must be ensured. Laws were very restrictive up to 2012 and hence there was limited scope for the judge"s performance.
Nikoloz Marsagishvili is the judge of the Khakhubia case. He has sentenced two policemen accused to the car accident of Beka Khakhubia.