29 November 2021,   12:24
US Embassy Internal Security Officers Participated in Storm - Kremlin Propaganda Machine Activated

The Kremlin propaganda machine is activated via all channels operating in Georgia. Official Moscow does not shy away from attacking the diplomatic agency of the country"s strategic state.
This time it is spreading the messages through its own Primakov-funded Public Center. The head of the center, Dimitri Lortkipanidze, spoke about the active involvement of the United States in Gavrilov"s night events in front of the parliament and said that the embassy"s internal security staff had been involved in the anti-occupation rally.
Lortkipanidze"s statements were followed by an unequivocal assessment of the opposition.
Opponents of the government say that the Russian narrative to stir up anti-Western sentiment is in line with the position of the Dream government, which has never openly confronted the Russian propaganda.
Parliamentary spokesmen for the Georgian Dream say there are no question marks in their relationship with the country"s strategic partner.
Opponents of the government say that a standard political assessment from the ruling party is not enough and that the Georgian Foreign Ministry should make specific explanations on the scandalous allegations of the director of the Primakov Georgian-Russian Public Center. The opposition thinks Dmitry Lortkipanidze"s statement is a fairy tale, but it is a very dangerous message in light of the Kremlin"s instructions.
The Director of the Yevgeny Primakov Georgian-Russian Public Center refused to comment to the Courier. In an interview with the print media, he says he is ready to be questioned by law enforcement agencies and provide them with additional information.