29 November 2021,   20:58
Zviad Kuprava remains in jail for swearing

Zviad Kuprava remains in jail for swearing. The judge found the statement of the civil activist insulting and sentenced him to nine months in prison.

Zviad Kuprava was sentenced to nine months in jail for the obscene phrase he said a few months ago in a courtroom. According to the case file, he did not appear on time for his trial, so police officers went to the diner and told him the judge was waiting. Kuprava said he did not care. The court today held that the defendant had exceeded all permissible criticism.

According to Kuprava"s lawyer, the final of this unprecedented case is extremely dangerous for freedom of speech and expression.

The opposition claims Kuprava is a political prisoner, while the civil sector is complaining in the constitutional court for restricting freedom of speech and expression. The Georgian Dream, however, considers that there is nothing controversial about this case.

Zviad Kuprava has been in pre-trial custody for six months, so he has three months to go before serving a nine-month sentence. The lawyer plans to appeal the guilty verdict in the Court of Appeal.