28 January 2022,   01:12
What is happening today gives the impression that the entire state apparatus is geared towards using government for political purposes- Tsotsoria

Former judge of the European Court of Human Rights has assessed Nika Gvaramia"s summoning to the Prosecutor"s Office and recent developments in Georgia as persecution of political opponents.
Nona Tsotsori, who has spent 10 years as a judge in Strasbourg, has emphasized the need for critical media in the country and says that building a democratic state without such tools is unthinkable. The former European Judge talks about the faulty state institutions in the country.
“Without a critical media, democracy and the rule of law is unthinkable. What is happening in Georgia today, not only with regard to Rustavi 2, but with regard to detainees related to June 20 and other criminal cases, together gives the impression that the whole system, the whole state apparatus is geared to use its authorities against political opponents or for achieving political goals , "- said the former judge of the European Court of Human Rights Nona Tsotsoria.