27 January 2022,   23:41
"There are two different statements filed by different persons" - Paata Salia also filed a statement against Gvaramia

Investigation has been launched against Nika Gvaramia. The prosecutor of the case went to the Tbilisi City Court. Gvaramia will be questioned in the presence of a magistrate judge at 11:00.
Gvaramia refused to go to the investigative department and demanded an interrogation in the presence of a magistrate judge .The prosecutor does not speak about the evidence. According to him, the investigation has two statements against Gvaramia. Nino Nizharadze"s statement is accompanied by the statement of Paata Salia, the new Director General of Rustavi 2, who also calls for an investigation against Gvaramia.
“The Office of the Prosecutor General"s Office is investigating the abuse of authority against the legitimate interests of broadcasting company Rustavi2, the misappropriation of large amounts of money owned by the company and the hypocritical and fraudulent transactions of property. Regarding these information, the former CEO of the company Nika Gvaramia will be interrogated today as a witness in the framework of the investigation. Our motion was upheld and as I have already told you, he will be questioned as a witness in the court. The investigation really started on the basis of a statement by a lawyer representing the interests of the former 9% shareholder of the broadcasting company Rustavi2. At the same time, the statement of the acting Director Generalwas attached to the case . These statements speak of possible criminal facts and the investigation was launched on that basis. We will not disclose what evidence the Prosecutor"s Office has at this stage due to the interest of the investigation, "- Zviad Gubeladze said.
According to him, a thorough and impartial investigation will be carried out, all necessary investigative and procedural actions will be taken and a legal decision will be made after evaluating the obtained evidence.
The Prosecutor"s Office has launched an investigation on the complaint of Nino Nizharadze, the former owner of 9% of the broadcasting company. It is about misappropriating a large amount of money, hiding a large amount of property and abusing power. Gvaramia was summoned after making a statement on the creation of a new television station.