28 January 2022,   00:28
"Bidzina Ivanishvili personally issued an order that these people be neutralized" - Butkhuzi on Gvaramia"s questioning

Case of Nika Gvaramia - Citizens gathered in the courtyard of the City Court say that there is a great attempt to establish dictatorship and enslave society.
Anchor of Rustavi 2, is convinced that summoning Nika Gvaramia to the city court is a continuation of the political process that has been unfolding in recent months.
Levan Butkhuzi thinks that as in the case of other opponents of the government, Bidzina Ivanishvili is trying to neutralize Nika Gvaramia. Butkhuzi thinks that trying to establish a dictatorship will definitely provoke people`s protest.
Giorgi Kapanadze, editor of Presa.ge, says Ivanishvili wants to arrest Nika Gvaramia for the sole purpose. - He should not be able to create an independent television. Kapanadze is convinced that this attempt of the authorities will fail.