28 January 2022,   01:17
"I have experienced myself Giorgi Mikautadze"s" Justice "- Vato Shakarishvili was not allowed at Justice Council meeting

Tbilisi Sakrebulo MP Vato Shakarishvili was not allowed to attend the Justice Council meeting, at which interviews with candidates for the Supreme Court judges are currently being held.
He wanted to attend Giorgi Mikautadze"s interview and ask questions personally, but the Justice Council did not allow any exceptions. According to Vato Shakarishvili, he is personally a victim of Giorgi Mikautadze"s "fair" decisions.
“For myself, in 2012 I experienced the "fairness" of today"s candidate Giorgi Mikautadze when he convicted me , along with many other people who were actively involved in the pre-election campaign until October 1, 2012, based on absurd charges and sentenced to two months" administrative imprisonment. This person knows well, knows how to serve the government, knows how to serve the system, ”Vato Shakarishvili said.