28 January 2022,   01:13
Founders of Rustavi 2 Will Launch Dispute Against Khalvashi on Unlawful Enrichment Article - Nika Gvarami`s questioning completed

Nika Gvaramia`s questioning is over, he left the city court a few minutes ago. He said he was asked questions related to financial documents and finances, which, as Nika Gvaramia said, he was not competent in.
"The established trading rules are being discussed under a criminal case.
What we have in debt is absolutely payable, it needs a freeze, we had a planned the freeze this year. I mean our founders, but "Rustavi 2" is no longer theirs and they will not invest this money, on the contrary, those who are involved will demand back under the article of baseless enrichment, "Nika Gvaramia said.
Gvaramia emphasizes the fact that Kibar Khalvashi, by the decision of the Georgian and European courts, received much more than he had in previous years.