05 July 2022,   15:44
Authorities want Nika Gvaramia to be silenced - Nino Danelia

Nino Danelia responds to the investigation launched against the former Director-General of Rustavi 2. Mass Communication Doctor says that Bidzina Ivanishvili wants Nika Gvaramia to be silenced at all so that the critical opinion can no longer be voiced. According to her, the decision to create a new television by Gvaramia is a big risk for the government.
"The whole process, which is now underway in the Prosecutor"s Office against Nika Gvaramia, is directly linked to the statement made by Nika Gvaramia regarding the creation of new television, and it seems that the government wants to silence Nika Gvaramia and with him, the very critical opinion heard right from the screen. The appearance of any new television station that will be an independent player poses a very serious risk to the government, ”Danelia said.